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Is it possible to do so? EDIT: I realized that this file is not corrupted, I have another file that is the same size of the corrupted one. Edit2: I found this error when I open the file: A: If you want to use a complete different language you should use Framework as it is used to create most apps and games. If you like using Java, learn it well and then you are going to have the.Net Framework as well, just buy a copy. But if you want to use a different language that is like the English language, then I would suggest you create your own language. Q: Connection to Azure AD ASP.Net Web API in android I am trying to connect an Android app to an Azure AD API. I have an Azure API App (Consented Application) and a Mobile Client App (Consented Application) I have followed instructions in to configure AD, but all I get is error 5 (Network Error) in the LogCat. In the internet I found some solutions but none of them work in my situation. My Azure AD Application is an on-premise Azure AD App with Hosted mode. In the Console of Azure AD I have found my Mobile Client App. In the Azure AD Application I have configured the Authentication URL. Now I need to make a POST request to the authentication url with the parameters. But when I open this URL in the mobile App I get a Network Error (Error 5). So what I need is: how to generate the authentication URL of the Azure AD mobile Client App in the PC. Here is the request to the API: I want to make a POST request with the parameters. A: After some trial and error I found the solution. I used the.Net API to make the Post Request. When I downloaded the Token it was clear where the Key was. I get the Username and Password with this code. var request = new HttpRequestMessage(HttpMethod.Post, "myurl"); //request.SetBasicAuthentication(string.Format("{0}

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!!HOT!! Mw2phbte.rar

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