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Hindi. In the 13th century, after an invasion from Central Asia, a group of Muslim invaders occupied the northern plains of India. Under Sultan Ghori, the Islamic rule in India began. The Sultan Ghori who is the main character of the story is an Afghan Muslim, who is also a warrior, poet, scholar, and a learned ruler. He comes from an area of the north of India called Kabul. In this Afghan area, there are both people who are Hindus, and who are Muslims. His father's name is Raja-nama, and his mother's name is Radha. Both of them are highly respected people. The father has one elder brother called Sakhi, who is a very intelligent and noble person. After Ghori was born, he was kept in the dark, and he was treated as an unimportant person. This makes him very disappointed and sad. His father gives him to Sakhi, the elder brother, when he is eight years old. He comes to be known as Ghori, which means Ghorey. The leader of the Afghan invaders, Sultan Ghori, is the one who teaches Ghori the language of the Arabs, and how to fight. When he is 12 years old, Sultan Ghori becomes the commander of the invaders, and takes over the northern part of India. He appoints Ghori as the commander of the northern part of India, and appoints him as the commander of the Indian forces in the north. He makes Ghori the commander of the southern part of India. Ghori is a very good commander, because he never lets anyone get away from his hands. He becomes the governor of the northern part of India, and he lets the people who speak Hindustani become the governor, because he knows that the people who speak Hindustani are the bravest, and the most loyal people in India. Under his rule, the Hindus in the northern part of India begin to worship the idols that they worship before. During his time, as the Hindus are becoming more fanatical, people begin to feel unhappy about Sultan Ghori's rule. Sultan Ghori begins to trust the British and also the people who speak Hindustani. These people use the power that they have, to challenge his rule. They get him imprisoned in a small prison, and they get the governor to choose the leader for his army. When he is in prison, he does not even get the chance to pray to God. Also,




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Ta Ra Rum Pum Full Movie With English Subtitles Free Download endrcris

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