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Custom Balloon Catheters

Switchback Medical offers you a wide range of resources for prototype and development throughout your product development cycle- including custom balloon catheter production – in just a matter of days.


Work with Switchback Medical and get a complete solution to your custom catheter needs, from quick turn-around prototypes to high-volume manufacturing.

  • Custom medical balloon blowing / forming

    • if you can imagine it, we can make it

      • standard, high pressure, compliant, non-compliant, stepped, tapered non-symmetrical, laminated, and reinforced

      • any length or diameter a customer would like

  • Wrapping/fluting/sheathing

  • Balloon bonding

  • Custom catheter shaft configurations with multiple shaft durometers & variable stiffness

  • Tipping

  • Hub bonding

  • Marker band swaging

  • Pad printing / laser marking

  • Braiding, coiling, & laminating

  • Testing (destructive and non-destructive)

  • Ability to meet several needs: wall thickness, kink resistance, torque-ability, burst pressure; push ability, flexibility, radiopacity and trackability

  • Ability to hold tight ID & OD tolerances

Balloon cath1.jpg
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